Book a room in a luxury 4 and 5 star hotel in Bangkok

In Bangkok, what qualifies a hotel you might be looking to book a room in as a luxury hotel, worthy of a 4 or 5 star rating? Here are factors to consider.

Premium quality service and comfort

In Bangkok at the most basic of levels, for a hotel to have a chance of getting that 4/5 star rating and qualifying as a luxury hotel, it has to be spotlessly clean, from the exterior environment to the most hidden of corners inside the room. There should be absolutely no shortage in absolute comfort, which means comfortable bedding and a comfortable living space which can be controlled to adjust the comfort as required, i.e. aircon, additional bedding on request, etc. The luxury cherry on top then comes in as the service to go with the room, like premium quality food and variety, if required.

Premium quality amenities

Luxury hotels

The premium quality of the amenities available completes the luxury hotel equation and this is contained in the smallest of details, such as not having to stare out into a dirty environment when looking out the window, right up to the more obvious things, like not having to wait long to get transport to wherever you want to go or just being able to enjoy complementary service cues, like bottled water, a decent-sized fridge in the room, a secure safe, etc.

Ordinarily by mere virtue of considering the 4 or 5 star rating, one can immediately tell whether or not it’s a luxury hotel they’re considering booking a room in. However, sometimes some discretion needs to be applied with regards to surrounding factors such as the location of the hotel in Bangkok, its reputation among qualifying 4 and 5 star clientele, as well as the overall experience of interacting with the hotel, from making a reservation to checking-out and everything in between.

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